The Olive Nest

Before Sue and Neil Clubb opened The Olive Nest in 1996, they made several trips to Italy to ensure their equipment and oil-making skills were up to scratch. They even came home with an olive press.

They’ve lost none of this dedication in the ensuing years. Their 4000 olive trees are spread across 100 acres, but they still handpick the olives sold for eating.

At the cellar door you can taste a few, alongside oils infused with lemon, lime, and chilli. They also make olive tapenade, garlic-and-lime mayonnaise, salad dressing and more. Don’t leave without trying to the garlic-infused oil. It’s brilliant drizzled over barbequed chicken, or atop a big bowl of creamy pasta.

Four acres of the property are dedicated to the Clubbs’ side business, 1838 Wines. After you’ve tasted the complete range of oils, move on to merlot, durif, moscato or sparkling shiraz. They’re made in Orange by industry veterans Chris Derrez and Lucy Maddox.