The south-eastern German state of Bavaria has a brunch tradition called frühschoppen, where men, (for the most part), will meet at the local tavern or, pub to talk about life and enjoy a weisswurst (a veal, bacon and parsley sausage), a pretzel, some sweet mustard and a beer. There aren’t many places to get a beer in Sydney at 11am, but the German Butchery, owned by Tino and Kati Dees, is one.

At Sydney’s only dedicated German butchery, you can find filletblutwurst (German blood sausage with pork-fillet chunks), presskopf (spiced brawn and pork pieces set in aspic jelly), and a range of kranskys, bratwursts, currywursts and frankfurters. On offer from further east are doktorskaya (nutmeg-spiced Russian pork sausages), lubitelskaya (a fattier doktorskaya) and Prague-style smoked hams.

Between the bewilderingly large sausage display and the butchery’s small coffee counter –which also sells German and Austrian sodas, malt beers and non-alcoholic beers for frühschoppen – sit a few tables, where you can have most of the products above arranged on a meat platter, in a roll (from Neu’s German bakery in Banksmeadow) or simply with sauerkraut and mustard.

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Updated: August 1st, 2017

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