• An adored Rozelle pub has revamped its gaming room to make way for this casual French diner. Bistro classics are present and accounted for, and there’s a croissant washed Martini we can’t get enough of.

  • Inside an historic inner west pub, Totti's the third channels the best of the Bondi original, with a few signature moves of its own. Take an antipasti journey with that now-famous puffy bread, followed by charcoal-grilled proteins and handmade pastas. There's also a dessert bar for gelato and elaborate sundaes.

  • Boisterous and quiet. Modern and traditional. This Spanish restaurant is a beautiful dichotomy.


  • The Love, Tilly Devine team’s bakery has landed in the inner west with masala croissants and metre-long focaccias. You can grab the latter just like they do it in Rome: by the slice and loaded with cold-cuts.

  • Breakfast and lunch with a harbour view and a side of superyachts.