12:00pm - 12:00am
182 Campbell Street Surry Hills 2010



late night dining

Surlys, the dingy dive bar on Campbell Street, serves Southern American smoked barbeque. Draught beer, games and live music are also on offer.

It’s the third venue under the Parlour Group umbrella by Canadian-born Aussie Brody Petersen which includes the (Stuffed Beaver, Riley Street Garage and the now closed Flying Squirrel).

Surly’s is all about down-and-dirty comfort food. Hearty plates of ribs, beef brisket, chicken thigh and pulled pork – smoked in-house – are dished up alongside North American beers including Coors. There's also a decent cocktail list where the Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary sit alongside house creations.

Upstairs is Smokey's Cabin where you’ll find a shuttleboard table, a stage for live music and stand-up arcade games. Surly's is where the big kids go to play.