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There’s hardly a more quintessential luxurious Sydney experience than dining at Quay. It’s impossible to bypass the fact that, housed in the Overseas Passenger Terminal and making use of the corner tower, it boasts one of Sydney’s prime views – from the Harbour Bridge right around to the Opera House.

But astounding view and location aside, Quay has earned an international reputation as the premiere dining experience in Sydney and you can’t do that without award-winning food.

Executive chef Peter Gilmore has been heralded as Australia’s best chef and with dishes such as the iconic ‘white nectarine snow egg’ (as featured on MasterChef) it’s easy to see why.

Gilmore’s dishes tread a fine line between art, high gastronomy, science, textural madness and genuine tastiness. It’s quite the juggling act.

The key here is the play of textures. Think mud crab congee; rock lobster with golden tapioca; slow-cooked quail breast with stone ground semolina and truffle butter; and again, that snow egg, all comprised of rich layers and combinations of texture.

Suffice to say, the food is more than capable of living up to the view. The flavours, the presentation, the combination of textures and the location are all part of the theatre of this dining experience. It’s a sum of its parts.

Gilmore happily acknowledges nature as his big inspiration and even has a test garden where he grows rare and unusual plants to experiment with, enlisting farmers to grow them on a larger scale for use in the restaurant kitchen. This innovative approach to producers has seen the chef subtly influence the availability of produce for the Sydney dining scene.