Pazar Food Collective

6:00pm - 10:00pm
325 Canterbury Road Canterbury

The menu at Pazar Collective has Turkish and Mexican characteristics – but don’t call it Turk-Mex – it’s not just two cuisines mindlessly fused. Pazar (marketplace in Turkish), represents just that – the experience of eating at a market where you might taste a few cheeses first, eat a kebab or a plate of tacos, have churros for dessert and take home an interesting-looking hot sauce.

The chef, Attila Yilmaz, who was behind La Lupita and still operates the Al Carbón food truck has recreated the food of his travels: Mexico, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The crisp salads and smoky, slow-cooked meats of both cuisines marry well. Pastirma (air-dried cured beef) is given a tangy bite with Mexican pickles. Stringy Mexican oaxacan cheese stretches from pides as you bite into them. Chilli prawns are another, fresh-flavoured pide filling.

The space has a relaxed, cantina feel, with a kiosk set up as the bar, yum-cha style order slips and a photograph of the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe taking up most of one wall.

Yilmaz brings in different chefs to do special dinners and holds a regional night with food from Bursa, his father’s hometown. The Al Carbón truck pops-up from time to time, too.

Updated: March 13th, 2018

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