Panama House

Panama House

7:00am - 3:00pm
251 Bondi Road Bondi
(02) 8020 6698

In a neat little hub on Bondi Road that includes the Rum Diaries and Flying Squirrel, just before the big descent down to Campbell Parade’s beach front, a new small bar is poised to open the door to all-day southern fare.

The handiwork of Anthony Kaplan (The Shop & Wine Bar, Bondi) and Brent Mills (Sweetwater Tavern, NY), Panama House is an exercise in travel influence. Steaming out coffee and lunch, it’s all systems go for breakfast through to small bar hours from Thursday. With plenty of hot-spot experience behind them, it’s little surprise that Kaplan and Mills’ latest venture hits all the right notes.

The food has really people talking. Mills is the force in the kitchen, with dishes including jerk chicken tacos, popcorn shrimp po’ boys, and tequila-spiced gravlax salmon. A collection of influences from travel experiences, there’s a heavy bent towards the American south.



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