One Tea Lounge

11:00am - 10:00pm
73 York Street Sydney


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Owner David Yip has squeezed his famous ramen burgers in next to a perplexing mix of savoury green-tea infusions, extremely high-grade steak and a cocktail bar serving teapots. It’s all packed into a bright space that looks like an ‘80s spaceship hotel lobby.

The “ramen burger” replaces bread buns with clumps of noodles. They’ve been boiled, dried, marinated and fried to make them solid and crisp but internally gooey and slightly sweet. Pair it with braised pork ribs, the juiciest of One Tea Lounge’s patty options. Chicken is best for the chewy matcha baoger (a hybrid of a bao and a burger) and for the crunchy rice buns he has a traditional beef patty.

The 9+ marbled wagyu beef is soft and full of flavour. It is served with a hot lava stone and yakiniku sauce (like a sweet barbeque sauce), matcha salt and green-tea mayonnaise. The stone stays hot for up to 25 minutes so you can personally attend to grilling your beef.

Almost all the non-burger-menu options have little green leafs next to them. They indicate that those dishes have been infused, cooked with or showered in some form of green tea.

The high-grade teas can be enjoyed as is, or in extravagant cocktails such as the ONE Tea Experience with Hendricks gin, peach, lemon, rose and green tea.