Nighthawk Diner



When Alistair Fogg launched his Nighthawk Diner food truck, burgers weren’t yet on almost every menu in Sydney. Now, American-style cheeseburgers are everywhere and Fogg, despite serving a bloody good one at his new Nighthawk diner in Chippendale, wants you to eat something else, specifically tacos and Philly cheesesteaks.

It’s made by stuffing thinly sliced beef, melted cheese and sometimes capsicum and onion in a long roll. For his tacos Fogg uses house-made tortillas and tops them with a spinach and avocado mix.

The menu is tight. There are Dorito-based nachos and a few sambos (Cuban, fried chicken and a rich eggplant parma), as well as insanely heavy sundaes and a giant mint slice. There’s a small but well-curated list of can beers, just four wines and a range of boozy shakes.

Rather than creating a space with diner-like tables and booth-style seating, Nighthawk is more like a trendy Sydney cafe; light-filled and leafy. And when the truck isn’t parked in the diner’s adjacent bay, classic movies and American sports are projected on the wall there.