Mug Life x On It Burger

8:00am - 10:00pm
28-30 Bayswater Road Potts Point

Geoff and Kristi Bannister and Tony Plunkett are serving On It Burgers, Dr Dough Donuts and a selection of Mug Life dishes from the former Barrio Chino venue in Potts Point.

Mug Life and On It Burger were sharing the kitchen since August 2016 when they collaborated on a delivery-only, UberEats-focused business operating out of the old Barrio site. So when the opportunity to expand to the dining area came up, it was a no-brainer.

Patrons can grab a grilled-cheese sandwich with truffle mayo or a milkshake from Mug Life’s upstairs cafe until 10pm. And a burger with egg, bacon, bacon jam and Tabasco from the On It area below until midnight.

There’s a slab of turf in the back courtyard, DJ decks and an indoor basketball hoop. Visitors can enter through the back laneway, and dogs are welcome on the turfed patio.

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