Excess is the enemy of taste. Well, at least when it comes to pizza toppings. Add too much of a good thing and the ingredients quickly become indistinguishable, but done just right and an artful combination can become a symphony. Minimal means more, especially at Love Supreme, the Paddington pizza place known for its regular use of organic ingredients.

Here, pizzas take the form of creative inventions, with some familiar toppings in unfamiliar combinations. For fans of salty and vinegar-flecked flavours, there’s the Lola (olives, anchovies, capers, bocconcini), while the caramelised onions on the Big Brother are hard to ignore, especially when accompanied by potato and dolcelatte gorgonzola. However, the Surprise pizza makes for a good choice for the adventurous or indecisive.

There are other Italian dishes for those who aren’t partial to a pizza party; think antipasti, salads and pasta. There’s an accommodating drinks list too, boasting wines that stretch the gamut of Italian regions, a couple of classic cocktails to round it off and some Australian beers on tap. Finish with desserts ranging from Frangelico affogatto to a caramelised honey parfait.

Love Supreme is more like a casual bistro than a pizza joint and be warned, it’s always bustling, so you’ll have to sneak in early if you’re looking for a quiet dinner. The liveliness is part of the fun though. It plays out somewhere between a spontaneous dinner and a lively night out, so it’s best enjoyed with friends in tow and an appetite for creative flavours.

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Updated: March 13th, 2018

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