Korean BBQ 1st

Closed Permanently

Korean BBQ 1st offers micro-rotisserie-box cooking at your table.

It sounds like a cheap shot at novelty, but it’s not. In the centre of the mostly glass box is a perforated canister of flaming charcoals, flanked on either side by three removable rods. When the rods are loaded with meat and slid in they sit just next to the charcoal without touching it. Each skewer can be seen and turned from outside the box. The boxes allow the meat to keep the flavour of the charcoals while giving customers complete control over crispness and juiciness.

The box-cooking idea comes from mainland Korea where it got traction after appearing in a popular restaurant. The rest of the menu is representative of what’s popular in Korea now, too.

The fried chicken comes either crispy and sitting atop a lagoon of soy vinegar, or roundly doused in the house special sauce, a mix of Tasmanian honey, ginger, fresh garlic, Korean chilli powder and ox stock.

Seafood pancakes, fried with shallots and cabbage until a crunchy skin forms are a speciality. Korean BBQ 1st serves its crisp at the edge and gooey inside. The beef tataki is slender strips of raw meat woven over fresh slices of pear. On top is a scattering of shallots and a single raw egg yolk.

Updated: September 6th, 2017

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