Happy Ending

Opening Soon



Happy Ending is due to open in September 2017.

Just when we thought Sydney’s great burger uprising was finally slowing down we get this news: Mister Gee, the most cultishly loved burger truck in Sydney, is opening a restaurant in Concord. To be clear, it’s not a Mister Gee restaurant. It’s called Happy Ending and according to Mister Gee’s namesake owner Gee Ozgen, it’ll be a completely different deal.

“We want to do a completely different project,” he says. “It’ll be an evolution on [Mister Gee] but with a different name and different burgers. This is about doing all the things we couldn’t do in the truck.”

The basic cheeseburger, the bread-and-butter order from Ozgen’s truck, will stay the same in structure but get a host of deluxe improvements. “We’re working with a butcher to create dry aged patties. It’ll be our chuck mix with some dry aged fat. We’re also doing some Hokkaido-style milk buns,” says Ozgen. “We’re known for simple burgers and we want to take that over the Happy Ending.”

Ozgen is tight lipped about further new additions to his repertoire (competition in the burger world is, he says, unforgiving) but mentions a few additions including fried chicken sandwiches, and mini hot dogs. “Will be making our own chorizos in house and serving them on a bao bun,” says Ozgen of the hot dogs.

He’s also hesitant to give too much away on the design and fit out, merely saying it’ll be dark and coloured like the current branding on the Mister Gee truck. To begin with, Happy Ending will operate in a similar manner to the truck, that is mostly takeaway orders with a few seats here and there, only these will be inside and not just milk crates.

“We have future plans to open up the back area. When we get a liquor licence we’ll open it up.”