Enjoy Cafe is by the team behind the now-closed Enjoy Mie, a Kensington restaurant famous among Sydney’s Indonesian community for its noodles. Enjoy Cafe offers a mixture of the traditional Indonesian fare served in Kensington, and coffee and toast.

There’s also those noodles: bakmi, thin egg noodles tossed in soy, sugar, salt and a secret sauce the owners will forever be cagey about. Plus your choice of meat, toppings and sides, such as doughy Indo-style meatballs.

Also find Jakarta-style bubur ayam, a classic breakfast dish that’s a slightly wetter and sweeter (care of the sweet soy sauce kecap manis) congee. Others, like nasi goreng and ayam bakar (Indo grilled chicken), aren’t rare in Sydney but Enjoy Cafe does it a bit differently. The ayam bakar comes with a heavy and dark-coloured marinade, leaving the chook sticky, amber-hued and glistening.

There is Toby’s Estate coffee and the usual glass-display goods, such as toast and banana bread. Inside there are bespoke timber tables and greenery, but it’s still a mostly grey warehouse space. The best feature is easily the floor-to-ceiling windows that look onto Sussex Street.

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Updated: February 12th, 2020

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