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Want to play hide and seek with your dinner? Partial to a tasty taco? Cantina Mobil, a Mexican mobile food van that travels through the streets of Sydney serving up delicacies in various locations might be where your next meal is coming from.

The New York street food inspired project is headed by restaurateurs Stephanie Raco and Rode Vella of Manly's In Situ, who are driven by a passion for delicious yet accessible cuisine and a desire to see the streets of Sydney rather than be banished to the inside of a dingy kitchen. The menu boasts both hard and soft shell tacos with a choice of beef chiptole, achiote chicken or pinto beans on top, alongside seasoned corn and even chilli chocolate ice cream for afters.

This ain't Mr Whippee. If people have been compelled to follow someone on Twitter for one of these tacos, they must be good. Get tweeting.

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