African Feeling

Closed Permanently

The best dish at African Feeling is not on the menu. What the menu does have is anything and everything from the whole African continent, but this is also the only place in Sydney for traditional Ghanaian food.

The base of every Ghanaian meal is a starchy staple made with either cassava, plantains, rice, maize, beans or yams. Fufu, is made from boiling and pounding yams. It looks and feels like bread that’s been radically under baked so it’s still chewy but not glutinous.

Fufu comes with a soup or sauce based on a blend of tomato, chili, onion and oil. Although the two most popular Ghanaian soups, groundnut soup (also called peanut-butter soup) and palm nut soup, aren’t on the menu, you can request them. The Groundnut soup is peanut butter simmered, liquefied and combined with tomato, chili, onion and meat. Palm-nut soup is similar, but instead of peanut butter it uses palm-nut cream – a rich, crimson paste made by grinding and straining palm fruit.

From the menu try the bua, succulent hunks of goat slow-cooked in a spinach stew. If plantains are in season, get some steamed on the side to use like bread or order the kelewele, plantains marinated in ginger, chili and salt and then fried until their corners crunch.

The homemade ginger beer is blended with pineapple, cloves, lemon and crucially, old-season ginger. Older ginger is what gives the drink its intense and long-lasting tang. Like most of the Ghanaian specialities, the fermented version isn’t on the menu, you have to ask for it.

Updated: December 18th, 2018

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