When thinking about the fun-sized Coffee Tea & Me on Redfern Street, one adjective tends to pop to mind: cosy. With the store in Potts Point, a slightly different adjective takes its place: cosier.

This Coffee Tea & Me is conceptually identical to its sister, reproducing the same menu, furnishings and household charm that made the original such a passive success. In what would have previously been considered an impossible feat, the new store manages to occupy an even smaller space than the original. It’s a mind-bending stroke of spatial design for anyone familiar with the diminutive Redfern Street shop.

How is this all possible? Well, firstly, staff and customer space is shared, which, rather than feeling cramped and busy, makes for a great communal vibe. The espresso machine is in plain view, making a spectacle of Campos’ Superior blend whilst also saving over-counter space. There are a grand total of nine seats crammed into the room and, in the tradition of CT&M, every one of them carries an inventive, space-saving design, from belt-bound books to modified cycle parts. Throw in the aroma and ambience of scented candles and you could practically fall asleep on your stool.

If the name wasn’t enough of a clue, this place is largely coffee and tea focused. There is, however, a tantalising selection of bagels stuffed with delicious fillings, like haloumi, avocado and tomato, as well as a tempting selection of cookies and cakes (we recommend the banana) arranged in a kitchen display case..

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Updated: May 31st, 2018

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