• Sophisticated yet accessible Rex is one of the pillars of Potts Point’s French dining scene. It’s a place of Gallic standards done well, but the acclaimed wine list sees this Parisian-style bistro punching well above its weight.

  • A fresh take on Japanese izakaya dining.

  • This “unapologetically Indian” diner packs in all the colour and fun you’d expect from the Ezra team. Its ex-Firedoor chef is repping the best of the country’s cuisine, with dishes like a scene-stealing mud crab that requires a bib to tackle.

  • Whether you’re stopping in for that iconic lasagnette bolognaise or just a snack, Frat Paz nails it every time. Its groundbreaking wine list introduced the city to many minimal-intervention styles we're now obsessed with.

  • Potts Point just scored Caravin, a Parisian restaurant and wine bar from the team behind Surry Hills favourite, Bar Suze. The menu is all about French fare with a twist, and the wine list balances natural drops and classic French varietals.

  • A spot at Kisuke’s six-seat omakase counter is the closest you’ll get to Tokyo without leaving the city. Chef Yusuke Morita prepares raw and hibachi-grilled dishes before you as you dine. You’re in his hands, and all the better for it.


  • From Neil Perry to Josh Niland, top chefs love this heaving spot and its "everyday" brunch fare for good reason. Soaking up the European vibe in Llankelly Place with a plate of eggs and caponata is peak Sydney.

  • Don’t be fooled by this cafe’s modest appearance – it can do plenty in its tiny kitchen.

  • This is more showroom than cafe, with coffee from one of Sydney's most experienced baristas.

  • This petite, takeaway-focused sandwich shop at the leafy end of Potts Point offers no-nonsense sangas, strong coffees and a few bits and bobs for the pantry. There’s also a good range of salads, sweets and pastries.

  • Great coffee and a Thai-influenced menu.

  • A menu that doesn’t sacrifice flavour to achieve its nourishing tag, and a drinks list that’s all about fermentation.


  • Inside a former adult bookstore, this female-led distillery makes gin, whisky and vodka that you can store in your own personal “spirit locker” between visits. To eat, it’s Mediterranean snacks and share plates.

  • The sister venue of Love, Tilly Devine is perfect for a date night of snacks and wine.

  • The Eau De Vie team's second great bar has a Prohibition theme, and a far more substantial food menu that most.

  • A hard-partying venue with a luxurious spin.

  • A small bar with a laidback 1920s charm and plenty of heart.

  • With cocktails dedicated to local figures.

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  • Sydney's top fromagerie is the one-stop shop for the world’s best handmade and farmhouse cheeses and its accoutrements.

  • An Elizabeth Bay institution curated by book lovers and loved by local readers. Devotees of the crime genre, take note: there’s a book club here just for you.

  • A beautiful florist selling local flowers in an art-deco building.

  • A shoe addict's haven in Potts Point.

  • So much more than just meat.