Myeong Dong serves Korean dishes – such as bibimbap; fried chicken; bossam (a DIY san choy bow-like dish centred around pork belly that’s been boiled in a herbal soup); haejang-guk (various soups thought to cure hangovers); seafood pancakes; bulgogi; and hot pots.

Myeong Dong has 12 banchan (the collective name for Korean side dishes), including soft and sweet soy-dressed potatoes; spicy cured octopus; cubes of semi-translucent chestnut jelly; long noodle-like strands of fish cakes; pickled zucchini; slices of sweet lotus root; and some of the spiciest kimchi in Sydney.

The tender pork-rib soup – one of the most popular dishes – is unusually spicy, while the seafood pancake is stuffed with hefty chunks of shallots and octopus. The bossam platter includes blanched perilla leaves, along with pickled radish, raw oysters and a wildly powerful ssamjang (a spicy paste made from fermented chillies and soybeans).

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Updated: October 11th, 2019

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