With the help of award-winning design firm Luchetti Krelle (Walsh Bay Kitchen, Barrio Cellar), The Tilbury Hotel has a fresh face for summer.

Rachel Luchetti, the director of Luchetti Krelle, wanted to respect what came before. “What struck us about the original Tilbury fit-out is it has really stood the test of time,” she says. “There’s a lot of quality design elements we just loved. So what we’ve done is more of a refresh, than a refurb.”

The new interior features white, open spaces that are framed by soft pastels, gold brass and light woods. “When you’re sitting at your table you notice there’s a flat bar, brass trim and the stitching on the custom chairs is quilted, and the feel of the timber is really nice because it’s done with oil instead of varnish,” says Luchetti. “It’s the little details that you should notice.”

The interior is light and airy and this flows out into the courtyard. Luchetti has repurposed old monkey bars and the seats from a merry-go-round. “We leaned on the memory of when there were still playgrounds at the pub,” she says. “There was always that element of fun involved.”

There’s also been a change to the menu to reflect the simpler, more casual Tilbury. Under the direction of Michelin-accredited head chef James Wallis, there’s a focus on gastropub-style dishes that move beyond standard pub fare. Try the miso-glazed scallops with turnip, seaweed and crispy pig’s tail, or the duck and smoked ham hock terrine with rhubarb and basil.

The Tilbury
12–18 Nicholson Street, Woolloomooloo
(02) 9368 1955

Daily 9am–4pm