The bartenders at Bulletin Place specialise in showcasing seasonal produce on their short, ever-changing cocktail list.

Hand-selecting only the freshest fruit from the markets, the team of tenders only purchase fruit that is in season, avoiding imported goods and some Queensland products that extend natural seasons. Often, fruit is selected only the night before use in the bar, ensuring maximum flavour and freshness. They also make an effort to incorporate “interesting booze that's off everyone's radar, like Amaros, aperitifs, alpine liqueurs, digestifs and lesser known distillates like aquavit and mead”, says co-owner and bartender Adi Ruiz.[fold]

With the weather warming, it’s easy to get distracted by the influx of imported berries and coconuts flooding the shops. But there are a few seasonal fruits that remain diamonds in the rough during the cooler season. Only available for a few weeks, it’s easy to miss blood oranges, so we asked Ruiz to mix us up a cocktail that showcases our favourite winter citrus while it’s still available. This bright-coloured tipple is what he came up with.

For one cocktail

50ml Tanqueray gin
15ml Sydney Garden honey
15ml Lemon juice
20ml Freshly pressed blood orange juice
2 dashes Pastis

Shake hard and garnish with a blood orange peel.

Bulletin Place is serving adventurous mixes of blood orange for the rest of their natural season, which is approximately three weeks – so get in quick!