Pastizzi is a diamond-shaped pastry, baked and traditionally filled with either cheese or a pea mixture. But at the Pastizzi Cafe, they abandon tradition and bake fresh batches daily with a wide range of fillings – think chilli con carne, vegetable curry, beef curry chicken and mushroom. They also do sweeter fillings like chocolate and ricotta, apple, cheese and cherry, but they tend to be more on the savoury side than overly sweet.

In Malta, the flaky pastries are considered a fast food, peddled by street sellers to late night revellers and early morning church-goers. The scene in downtown Newtown isn’t much different. Usually opening at 10am and not closing until late, there isn’t a time of day that can’t be improved by a cup of coffee and a pastizzi or three. But the menu isn’t limited to its namesake; the cafe is notorious for bowls of pasta and large salads.

And if you fancy more but can’t stomach it yet, they sell frozen pastizzi to take home.

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Updated: September 29th, 2023

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