Gumshara Ramen

The self-service cutlery, garish lighting and constant movement means most food courts are the last refuge for the hungry and harried. But if you like noodles, specifically ramen noodles, then you should head towards Chinatown, because there's a food court worth seeking out.

Gumshara Ramen is brought to you by Mori Higashida, a Japanese expat who longed for authentic ramen noodles in Sydney. So he quit his day job, went back to Japan and did an apprenticeship at the famous Muteppou noodle restaurant in Kyoto. He then returned to Sydney and set-up shop in Eating World food court in 2009.

And then people started visiting Gumshara Ramen. A lot of people. Most folks stopped by for the signature dish, tonkotsu ramen. The stock for the dish is made by simmering 120 kilograms of pork bones. Deliciously slippery ramen noodles and slices of pork are dipped into the steaming soup; a soft-boiled egg is an optional extra and becomes a meal in itself as it absorbs the thick pork broth.

Other varieties on offer include miso ramen, shoyu ramen, garlic tonkotsu ramen, tomato tonkotsu ramen and pork spare rib ramen. Whichever you choose, finish an entire bowl and you'll wear a happy noodle grin.

Updated: May 15th, 2017

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