Best Homewares Shops in Sydney

Updated 1 month ago


A home’s look is never really finished. It’s a constant work in progress, as your tastes and needs evolve. Even with a concerted effort, it can take years to bring a room close to the idealised, magazine-ready version in your head. But then, isn’t that part of the fun? There’s always the next thing to research, track down and acquire. Or better yet, stumble on serendipitously. Here are our favourite spots in Sydney for finding beautiful tableware, furniture, plants, bed linens and more.

  • Soft curves and clean lines from Melbourne's finest designers.

  • Timeless, functional and stylish Scandinavian furniture and interiors.

  • Contemporary design that combines good ideas, innovative technology and quality materials.

  • The home of cool in Sydney, from rugs to artwork to colourful lamps.

  • A creative marketplace for emerging artists, fashion and designers.

  • Stonewashed linens, crisp cottons and beautiful accessories, designed right here in Sydney.

  • Artistic and functional pieces to please the Delicate Eye Area.

  • Fashion and homewares that eschew the usual trends.

  • One of three locations in Sydney to browse Mud’s range of beautiful handmade ceramics.

  • The Australiana-themed textile and homewares brand’s permanent base in Paddington.

  • Stylist Sibella Court's home for all the wonderful things she's found on her travels.

  • Handmade homewares and fashion for the beach-going set.

  • Visit the online retailer's sleek, bricks-and-mortar space for sustainably made vegan beauty products, organic-cotton garments and homewares from makers that focus on minimising waste.

  • Once a solicitor’s office with green-carpeted walls, now a monochrome-lover’s dream.

  • A second-hand furniture destination for treasure hunters.

  • Designer furniture valued at around 50 per cent of its retail price, each with a little history.

  • The coolest antique store in Sydney.

  • Designer armchairs inside a cafe.

  • Japan's more philosophical version of Ikea.

  • Fine French enamelware that lasts a lifetime.

  • An American giant that stocks everything you can think of.

  • All the hanging planters one could want, and beachy accessories for a summer spent poolside.

  • Blu Dot’s pieces combine the elegance of mid-century modernist design with a level of functionality that suits small-scale living.

  • Durability, recyclability and beauty are the three tenets of this furniture and homewares studio. Here, you’ll find plenty of innovative furniture and accessories by Australian designers.