If you’d told a Redfern resident back in the ’80s that their suburb would one day become a dining destination, you would have been laughed at. Redfern’s changed a lot since then.

These days, the Redfern Street strip and its surrounds are home to a collection of restaurants that match creativity with affordable prices. Sadly, many long-time locals – including members of the prominent First Nations community – have been priced out of the suburb due to gentrification, but a friendly, locals-first vibe still prevails.

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Best Cafes in Redfern

RaRa Ramen


The noodles are made fresh in-house every day and the ramen recipe is top secret.

60B Regent Street, Redfern



A kitsch Australian-inspired eatery in Redfern serving fairy-bread pud and roo pie

55 George Street, Redfern



A don joint specialising in Japanese teas and an incredible matcha tiramisu.

94A Pitt Street, Redfern

Southside Charmers


The space is pink, the food’s got spice and you can eat and drink there from sunrise to sunset.

306 Charmers Street, Redfern



A retro restaurant and bar from the team behind The Glenmore.

106 George Street, Redfern

La Coppola


Sicilian-style pies made to a secret recipe. Not as thick as a Roman pizza, but not as thin and sloppy as Neapolitan either. La Coppola’s has a crisp base with a satisfyingly puffy and blistered edge. A small joint with big Italian heart.

4 152 Redfern Street, Redfern