Enmore is a slim suburb that's probably best known for iconic live music venue The Enmore Theatre. But despite its small size, Newtown's quieter next-door neighbour has an abundance of excellent and diverse restaurants. These are our favourites.

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Best Bars in Enmore
Best Cafes in Enmore

Tandoori Hut

Ask most Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi taxi drivers who’ve worked in the inner west where they go for a late-night feed and you’ll hear the same answer: Tandoori Hut. Many locals know it for its good value tandoori, butter chicken and other Indian diner standards, but that’s not what some regulars order; they ask for the special menu, a list of traditional Pakistani options scrawled on the back of a receipt.

93 Enmore Raod, Enmore

Little Lagos

At one of Sydneys' only Nigerian restaurants you can order goat stew, jollof rice, Nigerian meat pies and a traditional, spicy west Nigerian dish, ofada stew.

125 Enmore Road, Enmore

The Duke of Enmore

The pokies are gone and Big Buck Hunter is in. The Duke is back with a new look, vegan pub grub and a Sunday roast just like nan’s.

148 Enmore Road, Enmore

Epic Pizza

Oversized New York-Style Pizzas. Order by the slice or walk away with a 22-inch pie.

192 Enmore Road, Enmore

Colombo Social

This social enterprise serves soft-shell crab roti-tacos with mango salsa as well as more traditional home-style food, alongside punchy, spice-driven cocktails.

159 Enmore Road, Enmore

Little Turtle

An all-vegan Thai restaurant with “fish” curry and a special take on “Buffalo wings”.

10-14 Stanmore Road, Enmore

Cairo Takeaway

Bright-green felafel, rolls stuffed with charcoal lamb and a Cairo brunch.

81 Enmore Rd, Enmore


A Turkish meze bar hidden in a former hair salon is serving charcoal meats, Turkish booze and street food.

135 Enmore Road, Enmore
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Emma’s Snack Bar

A beloved, family run restaurant in Enmore is doing casual street food just like they would eat at home.

59 Liberty Street, Enmore

Osteria di Russo & Russo

A local Italian restaurant with an even more local focus.

158 Enmore Road, Enmore