Best Korean Restaurants in Sydney

Updated October 26th, 2021


Korean food is more than just barbequed meat, bibimbap and kimchi – it’s incredibly diverse, both in terms of ingredients and regional cooking styles. Sydney mightn’t have the same range as downtown Seoul, but we do have high-quality ingredients, great chefs and an audience ready to eat.

Here’s where to get the best barbeque, fried chicken, hotpot and banchan (the side dishes that come free with every Korean meal) in town.

  • It may not look traditional thanks to a modern fit-out and some of the best gimmick-free plating in Sydney, but the recipes here are strictly traditional – so much so that it's hard to find anything like it anywhere else in Sydney. Easily Sydney’s best Korean restaurant.

  • A Korean fried-chicken diner hidden in a Strathfield sports club. Do as the locals do and ask for chimaek, the Korean portmanteau for fried chicken and beer.

  • You can eat an entire meal here just on banchan. The minimum number of side dishes available is eight, some days it goes up 13 – all of them homemade. To get them you’ll need to order something else – the lamb hotpot is a speciality, and the big pork-rib soup is a better option for solo diners.

  • A massive barbeque chain founded by famous Korean comedian Kang Ho Dong. Pricier than most of its competitors, but with far better quality meat and non-barbeque dishes that actually resemble what you might find in Korea.

  • A buzzing Strathfield eatery serving homestyle Korean fare. Sure, you’ll find familiar Korean staples such as bibimbap here. But the focus is on traditional soups served with rice and side plates filled with pickles, kimchi and Korean snacks.

  • A slightly fancier Korean restaurant with a preposterously long and varied menu. You can get barbeque, fried chicken, hotpot, a simple bibimbap, hangover soup and traditional Korean New Year specialities. Most of it is great, all of it is at least solid.

  • Korean barbeque for people who want to party (go to its Campsie outpost for a more relaxed, old-school vibe). The meat is marbled and fresh, and if you come on the right day you might even get a free dish of chilli-marinated raw crab.