Best Korean Barbeque in Sydney

Updated May 17th, 2019


It’s difficult to confidently recommend the best Korean barbeque restaurants in Sydney because so many of them are closely kept secrets in suburbs outside of the inner city, the usual dining hubs and the CBD. And maybe that’s a good thing. For now, they’re still community spots for home-sick expatriates and people after the food of their culture and home.

Korean cuisine – let alone barbeque – has yet to cross-over into Sydney’s dining mainstream the way Italian and Thai have, and we’re probably a little while away from that happening. So for now, if you’ve tried all of the restaurants in this guide and you’re looking for where to go next, head over to Strathfield, Eastwood or Campsie, and pick the first barbeque place you see with a long queue. Otherwise, this guide is a great way to start.

  • Danjee brings a fine dining experience to Korean BBQ with high-quality ingredients and a sophisticated wine list.

  • Some of the best Korean barbeque in Sydney.

  • Jang Ta Bal helped popularise Korean barbeque in Sydney – the CBD outpost of the chain is the most raucous and fun-filled yet.

  • Korean barbeque that’s all about premium meats, side dishes and soju.

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  • Sang isn't like the other restaurants on this guide. Don't come here expecting cook-yourself charcoal-grills and oversized exhausts. Barbeque is a small, but excellent part of the menu at this 19-seat Korean diner.