A Guide to Enmore

Updated August 9th, 2016


Enmore's streets are full of faded Art Deco architecture with a layer of contemporary grunge. This inner-west suburb houses some of Sydney’s finest in terms of chefs, bartenders and artisans; from boutique beer at the Hop and Grain Brew Store to prize-winning gelato at Cow & the Moon. Read on to get acquainted with the area's very best.

  • This quiet small bar offers a break from busier local pubs.

  • It’s styled after an old-school trattoria, but this enduring eatery serves thoroughly modern interpretations of Italian cuisine – often with native produce. And though the wine list reveres the classics from Piedmont and Tuscany, Australian producers are given equal weighting here. An Enmore classic for a reason.

  • This family run gelato bar was crowned the world's best back in 2014. Years on, it's still one of Sydney's best – and most popular – spots for gelato.

  • Everything you need for your bike, plus beer and espresso.

  • New South Wales' oldest running live music venue.

  • A store with everything you need to brew your own beer.

  • A beloved, family run restaurant in Enmore is doing casual street food just like they would eat at home.

  • A gourmet cheese shop and bar that goes above and beyond.