Best Unconventional Breakfast in Sydney

Updated February 10th, 2020


Non-Indigenous Australia has a pretty short culinary history. The First Fleet arrived here in 1788, when Chinese cuisine was already well over a millennium old. But while many of our chefs can't draw on generations of tradition, they're also not constrained by it. They can experiment as much as they like.

Despite this, Sydney's superb breakfast menus can sometimes get a little samey. At heart, many dishes are just clever iterations of toast, eggs or granola.

If you're nodding, you'll appreciate this collection of non-conventional options. For many people, pho, congee or spanakopita are a normal way to start the day. For most Sydneysiders, they're totally novel. And we think that's exciting.

  • Go here for Malaysian-fusion dishes such as sambal-egg-stuffed croissants, waffles with pandan, and nasi-lemak burgers.

  • Decked out in raw oak, this breezy spot is one of a few Sydney cafes serving traditional Japanese breakfasts, plus brunch classics. The tea-house aesthetic is fitting – artisan green teas from Japan are brewed here daily.

  • Peppery pork buns and Taiwanese congee with doughnut dipping sticks for breakfast

  • The Toasted Godamba Roti is one of the killer dishes on Lankan Filling Station’s recently launched brunch menu. Flaky, buttery roti enveloping melted cheddar cheese, and bacon if you want. Green chilli and red onion give it a little kick, and aromatic curry leaves are like flavour bombs exploding with every bite.

  • The Saint Peter menu changes all the time, but there are two constants on the breakfast menu: it will be weird and it will be delicious.

  • Rise with a hearty bowl of ramen.

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  • Burek from 6am, every day of the week.

  • Get acquainted with the Swedish way of life.

  • For spanakopita and other Greek classics.

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  • Get some Thai in you.

  • Enliven your weekend with some Egyptian street food.

  • Try the nom banh chok - a Cambodian dish of fermented rice noodles, fish paste, fresh fish and veggies in a thin curry.

  • Some of the best Malaysian breakfast in Sydney.

  • A playful mix of Thai cuisine and old-school cafe grub. And it's 100% vegetarian.