Social Enterprises in Sydney

Updated 11 months ago


The restaurants, cafes and stores in this guide are all social enterprise businesses. Some operate on a pay-what-you-want model, while others donate their profits to different causes. Many of these establishments give people from disadvantaged backgrounds the skills and opportunity to enter the workforce.

But aside from the good they do around Sydney, these businesses all stand on their own as slickly-run venues with tasty menus and high-quality products. They’re worthy of your attention.

  • This restaurant takes in recently arrived refugees, and gives them the skills and experience to kickstart their hospitality careers. Each intake features chefs from a variety of cultural backgrounds, so expect a delicious new menu every eight weeks or so.

  • OzHarvest Market is a pay-what-you-can-afford supermarket, which salvages produce and wares from over 2500 donors. Its mission is to give a second chance to mislabeled, blemished and misshapen foods which would ordinarily be thrown out – and help nourish its local community, too.

  • Set within a historic former church, this social impact cafe empowers at-risk women through hospitality training and a sense of community. It also collaborates with top Australian chefs to curate monthly specials, events and more.

  • Dumplings, made-to-order bread and Afghan “Burgers” are on the menu at this refugee-led diner in the CBD. Not only does it train and employ women who have recently arrived from Afghanistan, but for every meal bought, it donates two more meals to Afghan communities in need.