Best Oysters in Sydney

Updated September 28th, 2021


No one sits on the fence when it comes to oysters: either you can’t get enough of them or you wouldn’t eat them if you were stranded on an island with nothing else to eat.

Broadsheet is on team can’t-get-enough. If you are too, this is the right guide for you. Some of these restaurants have views of the ocean that you can enjoy as you slurp down oysters by the half-dozen or more (just don’t forget to chew – it’s a myth that you should swallow them whole). Other places serve them up with garnishes designed to be paired with wine. A lot of these restaurants are budget-friendly, serving great oysters for $1 or $2 a pop. That’s helping to dispel the idea that oysters are a special-occasion-only food that must be consumed with lots of champagne.

Sydney is one of the best places in the world to eat oysters. Few cities have oysters named after them, and fewer still have a variety that tastes as good as the Sydney rock oyster. It's an enormous smack of flavour concentrated across a smaller surface compared with other types, such as the Pacific oyster. Sydney rock oysters are featured accordingly on the menus of these places. Some renditions are familiar, and others get more experimental.

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Oysters: An Explainer

  • Saint Peter's is one of Sydney's best seafood restaurants, and is renowned for serving it in unexpected ways (such as the snapper sausage served on an English muffin). The oyster selection takes a different tack. There's a confident mix of seven oysters, each with a different provenance and taste profile.

  • Cirrus is a seafood-focused restaurant inside a bright, sun-lit bistro space in Barangaroo. There are three oysters to choose from as starters, and they also feature later on in the seafood platter, served with mignonette sauce.

  • Fred's serves Claire de Lune oysters from renowned oyster farm Moonlight Flat. They come served with a coriander and white-pepper mignonette.

  • Sydney's home of seafood can't be beaten on freshness. Although Doyle's steals most of the headlines (and is one of the few places where you can still get your oysters served kilpatrick), trusty providers like Peter's and Christie's serve oysters that are just as good. It's worth visiting for the theatre of seeing one of the masters shuck your oyster in a split second.

  • The oyster here is served with cold-pressed lemon dressing, but it's the world-famous view out over the beach that truly elevates the taste.

  • With all the steak on the menu, it's easy to forget that Rockpool is just as much a seafood restaurant as it is a steakhouse.

  • You may balk at the concept of an $8 oyster, but it's worth trying the Tathra oyster here before passing judgement. These oysters are prized for their rarity, due to their limited geographic range and short season.

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  • Oysters here are served at the Bennelong bar. They're dressed with a lemon and pepper granita.

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  • On Wednesday from 6-7pm, oysters are $1.50 each.

  • The Sydney rock oysters here come with two choices of garnish: eschalot and red wine vinegar, or lime, chilli and tobiko.

  • This Surry Hills wine bar serves up oysters by the half dozen, served with late harvest grape vinegar.

  • It wouldn't be a champagne bar without oysters.

  • Although Belgian food is better known for its focus on mussels, Moxhe's oyster offering is impressive. It uses the same provider as Saint Peter and the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay.

  • This Balmoral favourite also sources its oysters from the renowned Moonlight Flat farm.

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  • Rock oysters at The Butler come garnished with chilli oil and a "maggi michelada".

  • Enjoy your oyster with a stunning view of the Sydney Harbour.

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  • This Cantonese restaurant on Manly Wharf has its own dedicated oyster bar.

  • This relaxed, taverna-style wine bar is by two hospitality veterans behind some of the country's most revered venues. Their shared love of the sea is reflected in the seafood-heavy menu and breezy atmosphere.

  • This relaxed bar and restaurant is right on the water, making it a perfect spot for a glass of wine and an oyster or 12.