There's something inherently satisfying about discovering a secret bar. Sure, Sydney's "secret" bars probably aren't that secret (sometimes the queues outside are a dead giveaway), but tracking down nondescript, sign-less doors makes those cocktails taste just a little bit better.

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Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern

The door is marked only by a black sign with three skulls.

60 Park Street, Sydney

Shady Pines Saloon

An old-world saloon, sans signage.

Shop 4 256 Crown Street, Darlinghurst

Earl's Juke Joint

A rollicking small bar disguised as a butcher.

407 King Street, Newtown


A two-level speakeasy hidden behind a bookcase.

169 King Street, Newtown

Old Mate's Place

You’ll need to locate the discrete ground-level entrance and then climb four levels of steep, narrow stairs to reach this indoor cocktail bar and adjoining rooftop bar.

Level 4 199 Clarence Street, Sydney

Ron's Upstairs

Barbequed chooks, vino and fake grape vines from the Arcadia Liquors And Redfern Continental team.

133A Redfern Street, Redfern

Door Knock Bar

Walk down a long corridor and knock three times on the brass pineapple to enter for cocktails and homey bites.

B2 70 Pitt Street, Sydney
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Moya’s Juniper Lounge

One for the gin fans.

101 Regent Street, Redfern


Look for the sewing machines at street level.

61 York Street, Sydney

The Rook

Cocktails and lobster on a hidden rooftop.

Level 7 56-58 York Street, Sydney
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Grandma’s Bar

A delightful, candle-lit den in the CBD.

275 Clarence Street, Sydney

Taylor's Rooftop Bar

Slip down Tank Stream Way, then climb a substantial flight of stairs to find this greenery-filled rooftop.

69-73 Pitt Street, Sydney
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Seventy-five whiskies in 26 square metres.

Shop 3 200 George Street, Sydney

The Wild Rover

The good times will come easy – if you can find the door.

75 Campbell Street, Surry Hills

The Baxter Inn

Descend the hidden staircase to a wide world of whisky.

Rear Basement 152-156 Clarence St, Sydney

Papa Gede's

A New Orleans-style cocktail bar in an old garage.

346-348 Rear 348 Kent Street, via laneway, Sydney


A secret sports bar serving US-style food hidden in a pizzeria fridge.

32 Banskia Rd, Caringbah

Uncle Kurt’s

Parramatta's first small bar is hidden in a carpark.

22B Hornwood Place, Parramatta
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Redfern Continental

Head up the back to find GDR (Gunther’s Dining Room) with floor-to-ceiling wood panels, olive-coloured velour booths and a disco ball, like a '70s porn set.

180 Redfern Street, Redfern


A secret cocktail and craft-soda bar.

40 King Street, Sydney

The Commons Local Eating House

The front's as plain as day. The '60s-themed bar inside, Downtown? Not so much.

32 Burton Street, Darlinghurst

The Swinging Cat

A basement haunt for CBD dwelling jazz lovers.

44 King Street, Sydney
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The Lobo Plantation

Find this bar, then drink all the rum.

Basement Lot 1 209 Clarence Street, Sydney
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The Barber Shop

Anyone for a trim, a shave and a cocktail?

89 York Street, Sydney