Best Croissants in Sydney

Updated 2 months ago


Croissants are notoriously difficult to make. Even beyond the immense skill and patience required, you need to deal with the weather. A slight change in air temperature, humidity or even the heat in your hands can radically change your final product.

There are a few things that mark a good croissant. It should be crisp but not overly crumbly. The dough within should be buttery and fluffy. When you pull at the sides, it should stretch rather than break.

This is the ideal, but even the best bakeries and pastry chefs have off days. These operators are the most consistent, and get closest to that dream every day. Just make sure to get in early – you'll never find a good croissant in the afternoon.

  • This petite takeaway spot has become a huge hit in Sydney’s croissanterie scene. The plain croissant is outstanding – but we love the “dirty” double chocolate number. Grab one of each (and a yuzu palmier) before they all sell out.

  • Tenacious by name, tenacious by nature – this compact bakery won’t settle for anything less than pastry excellence. Some of Sydney’s most eye-catching croissants live here, with plenty of Korean influences in the mix.

  • Starting out as a popular lockdown bakery, Home is the work of a self-taught pastry chef who’s also done stints at Noma and Quay. Everything from classic to crème brûlée-topped croissants are possibilities here.

  • Madame & Yves is perhaps best known for its eclairs, but owner and pastry chef Yves Scherrer knows his way around viennoiseries. His croissants come in both classic and not-so-classic flavours, but they’re all worth a go.

  • Plain or almond? Nutella or strawberry? Tough choices lie ahead when you visit this croissant specialist. When in doubt, go for the monthly special and you won’t regret it. Milkshakes, iced tea smoothies and coffee are also on the cards. Fivedock and Ultimo.

  • The Circa Espresso team leaves nothing on the lamination bench at their light-filled bakery. A cornucopia of treats are baked on-site each day, including croissants and banoffee choux. There's also a brunch menu packed with Middle Eastern flavours.

  • The first thing you’ll notice at this no-rules spot is a pile of pastries in the front window. That’s because here, pastry is not an accessory to your coffee – it’s the main event. Expect anything from charcoal-dyed dough to spanakopita filling in your croissant.

  • The all-star team behind this rooftop bakery doesn’t pull a single punch in the pastry department. Try the classic buttermilk croissant or the twice-baked macadamia number and you’ll see what we mean. Surry Hills, Newtown, CBD and Carriageworks Farmers Markets.

  • Details are everything at this retro bakery from the team behind one of Sydney’s best pizzerias. Croissants, kouign-amanns and danishes are a big part of the equation here. Don’t even get us started on the sandwiches.

  • Our favourite gluten-free croissant in Sydney? It’s by a classically trained Parisian baker, who spent more than six months perfecting the recipe. This gut-friendly beauty is giving “croissant” in all the right ways.

  • Photogenic croissants are the specialty at this sleek patisserie. Plain and almond are both popular, but it’s the speciality flavours that shine. Past highlights include pina colada, and a raspberry-coconut number filled with lemon verbena curd.

  • A one-stop shop for celebration cakes, savoury pastries, and croissants made with a recipe that took 15 months to perfect. From the street, you can watch the team of pastry chefs prepare them all inside the glass-encased kitchen.

  • Marrickville Pork Roll used to be the only place in the suburb where you had to line up for a bite to eat. That’s until this bijou bakery came along. Get in early for the crunchy, golden croissants – they’re often sold out well before midday.

  • Tuga’s pasteis de nata have become the stuff of Sydney legend. But this tiny spot is no slouch when it comes to croissants. Almond, classic, ham and cheese – you name it, this place does it. Clovelly and Alexandria.

  • Beautiful Lode might as well be a pastry showroom, and there’s fine-dining flair in every one of its croissants. Where do you even start? Classic, pistachio, pan au chocolat – just fill up a box and be done with it. Surry Hills and Circular Quay.