Best Cafes in Redfern

Updated 2 weeks ago


Surry Hills has long been a bastion of Sydney’s cafe culture, but in recent years that scene has steadily been migrating southward, towards Redfern. And it’s turned the traditionally working class, residential suburb into one of Sydney’s newest – and most exciting – hubs for hospitality.

Whether the needle’s been moved too far here is up for debate – many say that Redfern’s recent explosion in popularity hasn’t necessarily been the best thing for locals. What is inarguable though, is that Redfern’s assorted cafes are continually knitting together new communities and cultures in the suburb, and redefining it in the process.

  • A cafe that veers far from the usual script – like serving a croissant stuffed with fried chicken.

  • A busy Redfern fixture with an exhaustive breakfast menu.

  • How many cafes run free personal training sessions for their customers?

  • Naan sandwiches and brioche French toast in an underground bunker.

  • A slice of the Central Coast in the city.

  • Sourdough, croissants, pies and more.

  • This breezy cafe is best enjoyed on a warm, sunny afternoon.

  • Combines the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, from breakfast through to dinner.

  • Half classic cafe, half Vietnamese restaurant, with a tongue wedged firmly in cheek.

  • A temple of tea, with yum cha to match.

  • A cafe, deli and bakery serving up sangas and treats inspired by school canteens, country bakeries and other nostalgic Australian references. There's a big emphasis on native ingredients, plus you can grab pickles, condiments and more to take home.

  • A pleasant spot to while away an hour or two with a Campos coffee.

  • For coffee and a simple lunch, this closet-sized cafe hits the spot. You may want to look elsewhere if you're after something more involved.