The Best Cafes in Newtown

Updated 2 weeks ago


Kings Cross isn’t the only part of Sydney affected by the lockouts. Newtown is busier than it’s ever been, as frustrated drinkers flock elsewhere for a good time. Things are much calmer during the day, but the area still feels like it’s in flux. New apartment blocks are going up everywhere and many of the long-standing Greek, Cypriot and Maltese residents have moved away.

Despite this, Newtown’s grungy, inclusive spirit remains. Graf (good and bad) is everywhere and there are more tattoos (again, good and bad) walking the streets than anywhere else in Sydney. This attitude is subtly reflected in the cafes – fit-outs are rarely flashy and the vibes are always laid-back. Here are our favourite spots for coffee and food.

  • The brunches at this heaving inner west cafe are as photogenic as the locals who line up for them. Go for those, plus Single O coffee on tap (whipped cream optional) and plenty of natural light.

  • The unlikely pairing of ramen and motorcycle repairs produces some pretty spectacular results at this casual all-day diner. Come for one of four signature ramens (including an outstanding breakfast number), izakaya snacks and lo-fi wines.

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  • A neighbourhood cafe inspired by healthy eating and comforting old faithfuls.

  • Fudgy brownies and great coffee on the go.

  • A huge warehouse cafe, where coffee is roasted on site.

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  • Campos is seemingly everywhere now, but this is where it all began.

  • Like sitting in the living room of a rather pleasant and interesting coffee fanatic.

  • Brings the farm to the city.

  • Tea-themed cocktails, workshops and matched tea and cake degustations are all brewing here.

  • Visit this slamming Maltese eatery for big bowls of pasta and flaky, addictive pastizzi (savoury pastries). After moving from its original South King Street digs, it’s now three times the size – but remains an essential Newtown venue.

  • A spacious cafe with a Nepalese twist.