Best Cafes in Manly

Updated 2 weeks ago


  • The first thing you’ll spy at this no-rules bakery is a pile of pastries in the front window. They're not an accessory to your coffee – they're the main event. Expect anything from charcoal dough to spanakopita filling in your croissant.

  • A health-conscious menu served with a rotating cast of coffee roasters.

  • Just as sunny as its seaside locale.

  • Come to this hole-in-the-wall bakery for sourdough loaves and wholewheat pastries. Once you've grabbed your goods, order a coffee and stroll over to enjoy it by the beach.

  • A simple and relaxed menu offering homemade waffles and coffee to compliment.

  • Enjoy Skittle Lane's full-bodied seasonal blend and pastries from Tuga, then sidle next door to shop Assembly’s casually luxe pieces.

  • This hole-in-the-wall is having fun in the sun – with iced-coffee slushies, premium matcha and Maccas-inspired brekkie rolls.