Best Cafes in Chippendale

Updated 2 weeks ago


Where there's a mass of overworked university students, there's usually a mass of cafes. That's true in Chippendale, which has transformed dramatically over the past decade. It's now home to some of the best sourdough in Sydney and one of Sydney's original specialty coffee roasters. Here's where to find them all.

  • If you spot a seeded ciabatta roll on a menu in Sydney, chances are it came from Brickfields. One of the city's OG artisan bakeries, this compact corner is where to go for killer sourdough, oozy mushroom melts and coffee by Mecca.

  • A community hub with an eclectic down-to-earth feel.

  • A bit of Bondi in the inner city.

  • Sydney-Thai food, Single Origin Roasters coffee and local spirits served from a Chippendale terrace.

  • Expect consistently great coffee at the roaster's headquarters.

  • Filling Abercrombie Street's cafe void.