Best Cafes in Alexandria

Updated 11 months ago


Alexandria's slow transition from a light industrial hub to residential area has been a boon for the cafe scene. The area's former factories and warehouses give coffee roasters and kitchen gardeners room to do things that would be hard or downright impossible in denser areas such as Surry Hills and Darlinghurst.

The tourist-famous Grounds of Alexandria was one of the first operators to realise this. It has so much space, it's installed a pet pig named Kevin Bacon in its garden. But while he and The Grounds might be Alexandria's most famous attraction, there's plenty more to discover.

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  • The vast headquarters for one of Sydney’s top coffee roasters.

  • Skip the crowds at The Grounds and try the breakfast here. You'll be glad you did.

  • If you haven't waited in line here at least once, you're barely a Sydneysider.

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  • COOH Curl Curl Cafe and Roaster brings the wholefood movement into the old Vicinity space in Alexandria.

  • A summery oasis secretly disguised in a historic substation.

  • A strong sandwich and roll selection make this one good for takeaway and sit-in alike.

  • Feels just like a trip to the Italian Riviera.

  • From a 50-year-old family-owned company that helped pioneer the Australian coffee scene, this cafe in a converted warehouse is where you’ll find espressos on the go, Italian pastries (like mini hazelnut bombolone and citrusy ricotta-stuffed sfogliatelle) and fresh panini sandwiches filled with freshly sliced cured meats.