Sydney has really upped its cafe game. Just a decade back it was mostly bacon and eggs, over-roasted beans and the occasional corn fritter. Now we have fine-dining chefs curating menus, fit-outs worked by Australia's best interior designers and some of the best coffee in the world.

Everywhere you look the standard is extremely high, but these cafes stand out however you measure. Their progressive, well-executed menus wouldn't be out of place in a restaurant. Their fit-outs are considered and beautiful. And beyond just using locally roasted coffee or roasting it themselves, they understand how to get the best out of their beans across espresso, filter and every other brewing method. Lastly, these all-rounders have the service and ambience to match.

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Best Breakfast in Sydney
Best Coffee in Sydney

Bread & Circus

A bustling wholefoods canteen.

21 Fountain Street
Alexandria NSW 2015

Cavalier 2.0

Fine-dining food repackaged for a cafe context.

96–97 545 Pacific Highway
St Leonards NSW 2065


God damn that Paris-Brest is good.

178 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042

The Nine

Very Bondi but very good.

163 Glenayr Avenue
Bondi NSW 2026