The Best Burgers in Sydney

Updated 7 months ago


Once upon a time, Sydney didn't really have a burger scene. Then came Dan Hong's Lotus cheeseburger, followed by Mary's and Chur Burger. Not long after there were countless imitators and even more innovators.

Now burgers are everywhere. They're on cafe menus, at the bar in fine diners, and in just about every second food truck that's ever rolled onto a Sydney street. Whether they're classically American, stacked like fatty Jenga towers or filled with experiments, here's where to find the best in town.

  • Three young ex fine-dining chefs took Penrith by storm when they opened Burger Head. If you’ve ever wondered what a cheeseburger made by Quay and Momofuku Seiobo alumni tastes like, these guys now have locations in Botany, Casula and Blacktown. Or keep an eye on Instagram for upcoming food truck locations.

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  • Bar Luca is infamous for the Blame Canada burger, a beef-y number jammed with maple-glazed bacon, maple aioli and silky poutine. But you can Blame Australia, too. It’s a similar story, except with beetroot relish and “meat-pie poutine”. Strewth. You can also grab them at BLs offshoots in Darlinghurst, Newtown and Parramatta, too.

  • When the Lord Wolseley’s in-house bistro closed a few years back, it left a burger-shaped hole in our hearts. We’re glad it’s back. PLK is still run by original owner Jovan Curic, who’s grill-at-home burgers – delivered with love by natural wine retailer DRNKS – were a lockdown sensation.

  • Even after all these years, Mary's still makes one of the city's best burgers. But no visit to Mary’s is complete without a side of finger-licking fried chook or mash and gravy. Not to mention, a glass of skin-contact vino to chase it all down with. Also serving at Mary’s Underground, The Unicorn Hotel and Mary’s locations in Castle Hill and the CBD.

  • Fittingly positioned next door to Margaret in Double Bay, renowned chef Neil Perry’s simple yet elegant bar is full of exacting details such as Martinis served on monogrammed trays. Along with snacks, you’ll find dishes inspired by classics around the world – minute steaks, mussels marinière and Perry’s cult-favourite American burgers.

  • By the team who founded Betty’s Burgers, this nostalgic '50s-inspired burger chain offers a bargain meal without skimping on quality. Fries are hand-cut, and ice-cream is churned on-site each day.

  • The combination of fried chicken, champagne and sneakers was always destined to be a winner. The hip Sydney chain is among the first in Australia to embrace Impossible Meat, the world’s plant-based patty du jour. You can try it on a classic cheeseburger, but there’s also no shame in sticking with the real thing. Also in Chatswood.

  • While Surry Hills diner Bar Ume is sadly shut now, its Japanese-inspired burgers are still going strong in Barangaroo and Darling Square. Fill-out your order with sides such as Koji fried chicken, house-made kimchi, lotus root crisps and signature sodas.

  • The cult US burger giant chose Penrith – Sydney's undisputed burger capital – for its first-ever Australian restaurant. Drop in for burgers starring handmade patties, plus daily-cut fries, shakes and more.

  • Betty’s is inspired by a famous burger shack from Noosa, Queensland. And while it’s certainly not replicating that spot’s famously low prices, the no-frills burgers here are affordable, tasty and can be snagged all over Sydney. Don’t forget to order some hand-churned, frozen custard ice-cream.

  • A cult food truck with a Sydney-famous burger involving a beef patty, truffle mayo, rocket, caramelised onion and a blanket of melted Havarti cheese. Plus, it’s also doing Oreo shakes, “bacon boy” fries and piping-hot cinnamon doughnuts served till late on weekends.

  • Vegans shouldn't be denied a good burger, and Soul’s plant-based crowd-pleasers tick all the boxes. You’ll find both the Impossible and Beyond Meat burgers here, as well as satay tofu, mushroom and convincing alternatives to fried chicken and pulled pork.

  • This popular food truck now has its own permanent spot. You no longer have to wait for it to pop up to get your hands on the popular American-style burgers, mac’n’cheese balls and cheeseburger spring rolls.

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  • This pretty, pastel-pink diner a few blocks from Avalon Beach is serving the food you always feel like but perhaps don’t often: burgers you need two hands to eat, sundaes you need a buddy to help finish and shakes you can add extra cream to.

  • A boozy, neon-lit dive bar serving up Southern American barbeque platters and gut-busting burgers. It’s just the kind of stuff you’ll want to eat after sinking a few pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a bourbon shot or two.

  • This Breaking Bad-inspired chain deals in outstanding burgers at every one of its locations across town. No matter where you live, there’s probably an Anonymous close by – which means you’ll be hoeing into a Heisenburger in no time.

  • Trust a butcher to make a top-notch burger. Vic’s smokehouse serves burgers piled high with either Wagyu brisket, 12-hour Boston Butt pulled pork, southern fried chicken or a classic Wagyu patty.

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  • Burgers inspired by each of New York City’s five boroughs. A beef burger with double cheese; chipotle and gherkin mayo; jalapenos and iceberg lettuce sounds like something a Brooklynite would devour in a heartbeat.

  • Music and meat collide at Bonditony’s.

  • Paul’s hasn’t changed its recipe since 1957. That means you won’t find fancy burgers here – just classic, homemade burgers and chips. That famous works burger with the lot is absolutely worth travelling for.

  • This American-inspired “dining parlour” is in the business of good times, and good times only. Slink into a booth under fairy lights with a burger, some poutine, and the feeling that your night could end up being huge if you stick around long enough.