Best American Barbeque in Sydney

Updated November 19th, 2019


In the States there’s really no such thing as “American” barbeque – only Texan, Alabaman, Virginian and so on. Each state has its own tastes and traditions. And in many cases, there are several regional styles within a single state.

This is hard to tell from Sydney, where barbeque (or “barbecue” if you want to be really authentic) is often a mish-mash of styles. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the meat is good quality and it’s cooked low and slow in a proper smoker. We’re doing well on both fronts.

When meat is cooked this way, there’s only one result: charred, succulent and profoundly flavoursome. Don’t forget your favourite hot sauce, and a side of mac’n’cheese, potato salad or slaw.

  • Take a break from your hectic shop at the Fish Market for a brisket or pulled pork sandwich with spicy slaw.

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  • Barbeque is only served Friday to Sunday, but it's done right, over apple and hickory woods. Pulled pork, Texas hotlink sausage and beef brisket are all sold by weight, just like they do in the South.

  • A huge New Orleans-inspired smokehouse that mixes Cajun, Creole and barbeque influences, resulting in such dishes as Rangers Valley brisket smoked for 12 hours. Bonus: there are 500-plus whiskies behind the bar.