Best Alcoholic Slushies In Sydney

Updated January 28th, 2022


The alcoholic slushie trend has been churning away in the background for a while now. The frozen Margarita, you probably know well. Frosé took flight a few years ago.

But the beer slushie, served straight, or with mixers such as gin or fruit juice? That one’s bound to be new for most of us. It’s a no-brainer, though – fruity sours and hazy beers with a bit of oomph are natural candidates for the frozen format. American craft breweries tapped the idea a few years back, and the Japanese began cooling down their sweltering summers with semi-frozen beer since the late naughties.

Now it’s our turn for a slushie summer, with help from Sydney’s cocktail bars, but now a handful of breweries, too. These are our favourite frozen drinks in town.

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  • Merivale’s pan-Asian eatery lays claim to one of the most enduring and well-loved slushies on this list. It’s made with yuzu (a variety of Japanese citrus) and is the perfect pairing for chef Dan Hong’s punchy and playful menu.

  • The Agave Maria is made with rosé, agave nectar and lime juice, and topped with Belles Original Seasoning for extra zing. And the Whiskey Babylon is a concoction of Ned’s whiskey, cola, Australian-made bitters and plum kombucha. They're the perfect foil to Belles' spicy chicken.

  • This Inner West brewery has embraced the craft beer slushie, spiking its raspberry and passionfruit Berliner weisse with local gin by Poor Tom’s. It’s a frozen concoction worthy of the brewery’s resort-style rooftop bar, Marrickville Springs.

  • This sunny Barangaroo taqueria’s frozen Margarita sees tequila, triple sec, lime and watermelon churned and served with a rim of Mexican lime-and-chilli seasoning called Tajin.

  • The south Sydney brewery’s Slushy Sour is a heavily fruited brew designed to do time in the back of the freezer. It’s a tinned limited release, though past iterations usually involve a wallop of berry purée, citrus for extra acidity and a high booze content.

  • If you’re chasing a standout frozen Margy, you’re sure to find the top tier here. A highlight in Tio’s rotating selection involves tequila, watermelon, jasmine and coconut cream.

  • Sydney’s mixology masters have long been responsible for some of the city’s most inventive frozen beverages. Look no further than its salted Pina Colada starring plantation rum, ripened pineapple, fresh lime, cream of coconut and Murray River salt.

  • This bar is by the team behind Melbourne cocktail temple, Eau De Vie, so there’s some flair in this semi-frozen number. It involves house-made lemon vodka, Aperol, saffron and peach.

  • Frosé is a specialty at this Barangaroo rooftop bar. Where else can you order a blue hibiscus-flavoured frosé and garnish it with lollies from a self-serve candy bar? Only here.

  • The Pina Colada machine at Jacoby’s hasn’t had a weekend off in years. No visit here is complete without ordering this iconic drink.

  • Ms G’s neon-lit younger sibling hones in on Southeast Asian street food flavours. But what the two venues have in common is that Sydney-famous frozen beverage, the yuzu slushie.

  • This Merivale bar is home to the tacos secreto – a sort of lucky dip for tacos, where the filling is a surprise until it reaches to your table. But it’s also long been home of the frozen margarita jug – served in classic, Tommys and watermelon iterations.