Forget the lumpy, bland porridge of your youth – these days, cafes are reinventing this classic winter breakfast. Whether sweetening it up with berry compote and stewed fruits, adding some spice with cinnamon and cardamom, or even surprising us with quinoa porridge, these cafes have made porridge a breakfast worth getting out of bed for.

We’ve channelled our inner Goldilocks and taste-tested porridges all around town to bring you the top 10. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

9 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point
Porridge mixed with coconut, sunflower seeds, sultanas, poppy seeds, cinnamon and honey, served with stewed apples, berry and date compote and Greek yoghurt.

Bru Coffee
4/101 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi
Quinoa and live seed porridge with yoghurt and berries.

Porch & Parlour
Porridge with brown sugar and berries.

Jed’s Food Store
60 Warners Avenue, Bondi Beach
Jamaican porridge with baked bananas and lime zest.

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Bills (Surry Hills)
Five-grain porridge with stewed fruit and brown sugar.

Spicer Street Cafe
2/128 Queen Street, Woollahra
Organic porridge with rhubarb.

Bathers Pavilion
Organic Victorian rolled oats with banana and dark brown sugar.

Bread & Circus
Foxy autumn porridge with slow cooked, pre-soaked, dairy-free organic oats with real vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom hazelnuts, organic coconut milk, seasonal fruit and agave.

Bar Indigo
15 Cross Street, Double Bay
Oatmeal porridge with stewed fruits and honey.

379 Darling Street, Balmain
Banana porridge with date compote and stewed rhubarb.