Buying wine from a retailer can be difficult, especially when trying to find the right match to go with a meal. The pain of standing and staring at the shelves filled with countless unknown wines is something most people know too well.

Welcome The Wine Gallery, an online wine store that acts as your own personal sommelier, finding the right wine to match your meal, personal taste, the season or even mood.

The Wine Galley is the project of Sydney-based entrepreneur Tom Walenkamp and Melbourne sommelier Banjo Harris Plane. The idea came to Walenkamp while studying in France. “I was constantly impressed with my French friends’ ability to know what wine would go with a meal. They seemed to get it right every time,” says Walenkamp. “The French have a completely different relationship to wine [compared to most people in Australia]; it is something to be enjoyed and not just drunk.”

On his return to Australia, Walenkamp found that existing online wine stores presented the same problem as buying from existing retail; too many options. This is where The Wine Gallery is different. It offers only 20 wines at any one time, never more than one wine of any variety, and all wines on the site are the same price. To ensure that the selection on offer was the best it could be, Walenkamp partnered with Plane, currently head sommelier at Attica in Melbourne and one of Australia’s most awarded.

If you are within five kilometres of the Sydney CBD it delivers to your home, office or anywhere else within the hour (with white and rose delivered cold) for a measly $9. So if you’re planning on heading to your favourite BYO restaurant, rather than detour by a bottleshop, hop online and meet your wine there.

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