We Are Howard isn’t simply a restaurant, cafe, shop or event space. So, what is it? Daryl Byrne (photographer and adventurer) and Jared Ingersoll (chef, ex-Butcher and Farmer), the two owners, look to each with puzzled grins. They don’t really know how to describe it because they’ve never done or seen anything like this.

The best way to describe it is a private club, based around a large Marrickville apartment that hosts food-related events, workshops and gigs. All the club’s happenings will be centred around the celebration of country, culture and community.

Membership will give you access to each event and the apartment, which is broken into four parts: a white room set up as a studio for photography and artistic projects; a kitchen with a long dining table doubles as a work space; a lush rooftop has expansive views of Sydney (Ingersoll plans to roast whole beasts up there); and another larger rooftop space houses Byrne’s aquaponics, some yabby ponds and a working space for members.

Each event, dinner or workshop will need to be paid for separately but the space will be available for members to book during certain times of the week (and includes wi-fi and coffee). “If you want to just come in and sit on your laptop in the sun on the rooftop, you can do that,” says Byrne.

The other major reason to join, the duo hopes, is to be part of the community that develops. “We don't just want to do our own events, we want to support our member’s events and workshops,” says Ingersoll, describing a hypothetical event where he and Byrne help a member host a produce-to-plate type event on their farm.

“It's not so much about protecting an insular group of people who sit around and celebrate how awesome they are,” says Ingersoll. “We want to create a community who aren't dicks and want to engage in shit.” Memberships, which will cost $30 a month or $300 a year, aren’t yet available. Byrne and Ingersoll are going to run a few public events to suss out the interest and build the community. Details below:

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PNG cook-ups
Every Friday and Saturday night and Sunday lunch, We Are Howard will be hosting a series of Papua New Guinea-inspired meals. Each one will be communal, devoid of cutlery, and semi-educational with occasional guests speaking on PNG cuisine and culture. “It will be really visual stuff. One stew is made by dropping hot rocks into a pot, another dish is cooked over fire in a cast-iron pot with fish roasted on sticks,” says Ingersoll.
Starting March 11