Greeting you at the entrance to Kollector Cars and Coffee is a restored, ochre-coloured 1970 VW 1600 Fastback. The unusual combination of car dealership and coffee shop opened in Leichhardt a month ago. Owner Neil Burmester and his father-in-law Robert began buying and selling vintage cars a few years ago, and this is their first permanent space.

“Whether or not people like cars, most people like good coffee,” says Neil. “We want people to stay as long as they like, sit in the cars and enjoy the space.”

“We only buy cars from private sellers. They’re the most interesting cars and always have stories and memories attached,” he says.

“We’ve had people coming in saying, ‘my mum used to drive this!’” he says. “The combination of steel and chrome really takes you back.”

The cars are fixed up by specialist mechanics before arriving at the store and joining the collection. So far the pair has sold cars ranging from a 1981 Toyota Corolla to a 2005 Maserati Spyder. The large, white warehouse space provides a minimalist backdrop for the car collection.

Single O is the bean of choice, and its single origins and batch blends will be on rotation each month.

The menu is simple for the moment, with sweets sourced from within Leichhardt, and toasted sandwiches changing every few weeks (it’s currently a Reuben).

Burmester has plans to expand the food offering; become licensed as a small bar, and rent the warehouse’s loft space – turning it into a truly communal space for locals to enjoy. A number of products are also on sale within the space, from a waterless car wash to Bare Bones wallets and t-shirts.

Kollector Cars and Coffee
7A Norton Street, Leichhardt

Wed–Fri 7am–3.30pm
Sat–Sun 7am–4.30pm