Sriracha is now available in convenient little packets. Huy Fong Foods, which makes the fiery chilli sauce, announced the news today.

Despite being around since the ‘80s, sriracha has only really become a food phenomenon in the past few years. (The condiment’s secret lies in its use of fresh chillies, which cost more but make all the difference.) This recent jolt in popularity has pushed the company to new heights. In 2014 the start-up Sriracha2Go teamed with Huy Fong Foods, with the goal to help Sriracha-lovers around the world live the spiciest life possible. Sriracha2Go believes that “Sriracha should be as readily accessible as all other core condiments, if not more so.”

Unfortunately, the packets won’t be available at restaurants, fast food chains, sport stadiums or university campuses worldwide until later this year. For now, you can order them from the Sriracha2Go website in packs of 50 or 200, which should satisfy all of your spicy needs.

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