Giorgio de Maria
Owner, 121BC Enoteca Cantina

Tell us more about orange wine and why you are passionate about it.

Orange wines are the result of white wine grapes fermented with the skins, like red wine. It is a traditional style. Orange wine can reveal more clearly the grape variety and the terroir. Many interesting elements of a wine's texture and flavour are in the skin, such as tannins, minerals and flavour compounds – it integrates the flavours of the whole fruit into the wine. The intensity of flavour is outstanding.

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What are your customers interested in drinking, coming into spring?

We are lucky because customers are happy to put themselves in our hands. Orange wine is always a winner.

Describe why 121BC is different from other wine bars.

We focus only on Italian wines. A glass of wine can tell us a lot about place, culture and tradition if we pay attention. So our passion is to showcase Italy in this regard. We are also proud to help sustain and support small family businesses working to preserve their lands and traditions.

What's next for 121BC?

121BC is opening very soon in Hong Kong, with the same concept for food and wine.