On the corner of Pitt and Rowe Streets in the CBD there’s a tongue-in-cheek battle taking place. The Royal and Ancient Anti-Scurvy League – a humble fruit kiosk serving healthy snacks to the time-poor of the city – is on your side.

“We basically emptied the kiosk of soda and sugary snacks and now we have alkaline water, cold-pressed juice, coconut water instead,” says Paul Toia, who together with Bettina McIllraigh and Fleur Chesterman make up the League. “We’re focused purely on health and giving that to the CBD.” It’s a big mission for the tiny three-by-three-metre space, but it’s proving popular.

“There’s a huge health-conscious market in the CBD,” says Toia. “Everyday we get people who say they can’t believe we are finally doing this.”

The kiosk offers a carefully selected range of healthy food and drink options focused around quality fresh fruit; activated nuts, raw bars and balls, kombucha drinks and the above mentioned beverages.

“We wanted somewhere that was small because we’re taking small products and getting them across as cost effectively as possible. Our suppliers are really small, but we have a range of paleo, organic, raw and vegan products.”

While the message is all about health, the League doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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“It’s a nautical theme and we have a uniform; blue-and-white-striped shirts, a red neckerchief and the League logo. So were pushing the fun aspect.”

Certainly there’s something cheeky about reminding us how to avoid scurvy. And the League will be launching lunch deliveries for offices in the new year – taking the fight against scurvy to your door.

The Royal and Ancient Anti-Scurvy League
Fruit Kiosk
Corner of Pitt and Rowe Streets, Sydney CBD

Mon to Fri 6am–4pm